A Weekend for the Books

Eight days until I leave this incredible place. I honestly don’t think I can wrap my head around that statement! Time sure does pass when you’re making memories to last a life time, doesn’t it?

Speaking of memories, this past weekend a group of friends that I grew close to over the course of this semester decided to make it our last hurrah since the majority of us will be leaving over the course of this next week. A handful of them have already left. 😦 So I thought I’d give a quick recap on what we did since it involved a bit of traveling and sight-seeing that I would definitely recommend doing for any one visiting Scotland.


On the evening of Thursday a handful of my friends and I hopped on a bus to Portobello Beachwhich is a right outside of the main city center of Edinburgh. It was only in the high 50’s (degrees F) when we were walking along the beach, but there were some people swimming. They must have been insane because I swear I was freezing and I was wearing multiple layers!

After receiving our sufficient amount of beach time for the afternoon, we head off to finish out our night with some INCREDIBLE and CHEAP Thai food over at a restaurant next the University of Edinburgh. If you’re visiting Edinburgh anytime soon and are a fan of Thai food, definitely visit Ting Thai Caravan near George Square campus. You won’t regret it!


Friday morning we rose early in the morning to catch a train for a day trip to castle in northern Scotland. Y’all, this castle was my favorite castle that I’ve ever visited; it was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. This castle is called Dunnottar Castle near the city of Stonehaven. The castle itself is about a mile walk from the tiny city but it is well worth the wait. It sits like a gem among the rocks right on the cliffs of the coast of Scotland, and its ruins are still there for you to explore.

Once we were throughly chilled to our bones from the Scottish winds, we headed back to Edinburgh on the train and sat down for a traditional Scottish pub supper complete with Haggis and a pint of Guinness.


Saturday evening was another eventful night as our little group of pals met up for a picnic dinner in Holyrood Park, a park that sits directly next to Arthur’s Seat. Arthur’s Seat is a very large hill that has an amazing view at the top of the entire city of Edinburgh. Since this was the last night for many of the people that we were with, we made it special and ate a meal together before climbing the hill to reminisce over the past semester while looking over our lovely city. It was quite the fun yet emotional experience.

As jam-packed as this weekend was and as exhausted as I am, I wouldn’t of had it any other way. I’m so incredibly thankful for having met these lovely people over the course of this semester and I can’t wait until we all meet in some random country as a reunion one day! 😉


Thanks for reading! x


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