[Nice] to Meet You

Hello readers!

Here’s a quick update on my recent European adventures. Since the last blog post, my two travel companions and I have visited the cities of Nice, France and Geneva, Switzerland. I felt as though I should share a little bit about our time in Nice since it was one of my favorite destinations thus far. For those of you that have not been nor heard of this delightful city, Nice is a city on the border of Italy and France, and is situated directly on a gorgeous coastline in southern France. Having visited Paris twice in my life,  this city was quite literally a breath of fresh air compared to the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan Parisian lifestyle I’ve been exposed to in the past. When we arrived in Nice, we were welcomed with open arms to this coastal city accompanied by a warm embrace by sunny climates. Our stop in Nice provided us with a little break from the nonstop traveling that the previous destinations had; we were more than grateful for the opportunity to quite frankly do absolutely nothing but eat, sleep, tan and repeat for a few days on the ports and beaches of southern France. I would say my personal favorite part of staying in Nice was our accommodation. As I previously mentioned the ports of Nice, the three of us were able to stay in an Air B&B facility that was a boat directly docked on one of the French ports. We had a tiny boat to ourselves that had plenty of room to tan,  read, and overall r&r. The port our boat was docked not only was home to our little boat house; gigantic, million-dollar yachts nestled next to our tiny temporary accommodation. When we first arrived to our boat, our host even pointed out a particularly large yacht that belonged to the celebrity Puff Daddy or Sean Combs. Overall this experience was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity that I wouldn’t trade for anything,  even if we didn’t exactly do much more than be beach bums for the majority of our stay.  I hope you enjoyed this little anecdote from my European excursion! If you’re considering a stay in southern France, I would definitely suggest considering an alternative option for accommodation, you may be in for a once in a lifetime experience and could have some anecdotes of your own!

Thanks for reading and “Bonne Nuit” from your friend in Brussels 🙂


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