Københavin’ a Blast

Hej fra Denmark, friends & fam!
So, first of all I have to warn you that my blogs for the next couple of weeks won’t have many pictures due to the fact that the majority of my photos remain on my camera until I’m able to transfer them to my computer once I get back to Edinburgh. A little bit of an inconvenience, but I’ll definitely be sharing them once I’m back!
Copenhagen, the first of seven cities on Erin, Emily and I’s list of destinations, began our short tour of Europe off with colorful houses, innumerable canals and plenty to see within a short span of a couple of days. We started our trek early Saturday morning with a cup of coffee in hand and eager grin on our faces, more than ready to take our first destination by storm. The majority of our first day in Copenhagen was dominated by a 3-hour free walking tour throughout the city; our English tour guide filled our minds with intriguing anecdotes of the cities sights, seasoning historical facts with light-hearted humor. Having received a bit of an overview of this Danish city’s history, we explored the city on our own and found tiny neighborhood alleyways lined with brightly painted homes as if crayola had chosen the color scheme of the entire city. Nyhavn is a perfect example of one of the most beautiful painted streets in Copenhagen. This area of the city appeals to nearly all of the senses. With its streets lined with expensive restaurants, as you walk passed the tables of their visitors you can inhale free scents of their entrées. Local musicians create a warm atmosphere by filling the air with jazzy tunes, while your eyes are overwhelmed with the sights of the beautifully painted buildings alongside a canal filled with boats. Needless to say, this had to be my favorite area of the city of Copenhagen.

We perused local vendors to our hearts content, including one of our most favorite attractions: a gigantic world food fair on a tiny island within Copenhagen. In a huge, open warehouse 20 or 30 food vendors brought the world to Copenhagen by providing unique cultural cuisines from all over the globe. We actually visited this food market twice, once on each day we were in Copenhagen. I would definitely recommend visiting this food market if you’re in Copenhagen, not only are you in one amazing city but you also can get a little slice of the rest of the world along with it!
As we currently prepare for our next city that we visit tomorrow, I’m so glad that Copenhagen was our first stop in Europe. What a wonderful city!

Erica’s Espresso Exploration

We did visit a couple of cafés in Copenhagen, but none worth mentioning! I’ll definitely be able to provide more coffee experiences in Italy, the home of the cappuccino (!!!!). 😉

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Københavin’ a Blast

  1. I am really enjoying your stories and pictures! I think that, for me, this is the best way to travel! 😄
    I have a dorky question for you. Can you text or email?
    Anyhow, study hard and travel with a smile!!


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