Cafés Not Coffee Shops – Part II

Awakening from a restful five-hour sleep (yeah I don’t know how I did it either), we began our day at a prompt 9:30 AM after a quick breakfast and planning session. Thankfully, the rain wasn’t awaiting us when we left the dryness of our hostel. The first step, the bike store. “When in Amsterdam, do as the Dutch people do.” That’s a phrase right? Well we decided to make it one, as our group rented bikes for our final day in Amsterdam. Now, if there is anything I can definitely suggest to those of you who are reading this and will be in Amsterdam in the future. RENT BIKES. Honestly, I can say riding those bikes around the city was one of the most scary, yet amazing experiences I have ever had. I cannot recommend it enough. You really get to see the perspective of what most people who live in Amsterdam see everyday as they are riding there bikes around the city to work, to school, to play, whatever. DO IT.


Our traveling speed having increased, we made a second attempt at seeking out the infamous TFIOS bench on our way to a museum. SUCCESS!! The rain began to form droplets on our clothes as we finished up a quick photo shoot with the sought-after bench, but Mother Nature lost this battle. Below is proof of our conquest.

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Having arrived with our bikes a group split off and visited the museum you see in the background in the above photo, while my new Australian friend, Ellen, and I decided to do a little excursion of our own. We found a café called Blushing across the street from the museum, and as the rain threatened to soak up again, we gladly took up the opportunity to bond over warmth, wifi, and cappuccinos.

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After a quaint bike ride around the park and lunch with the group, we slowly made our way back to the hostel as a final stop before heading to the airport to return to Edinburgh.

IMG_5508Amsterdam, you were full of a lot of strange smells, stunning architecture, a ton of history, great coffee, too much rain, but mostly, you were just extraordinary. Thanks for the memories! I know I’ll be back one day, and hopefully next time for longer than 50 hours.

Hope you enjoyed my blog(s), thanks for reading!





3 thoughts on “Cafés Not Coffee Shops – Part II

    1. Strangely enough, I really only saw tulips around Amsterdam! No wooden shoes or historical Puritan stuff, but I was rushing around the city to see everything so some stuff may have escaped my sights 🙂


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